Five Foods That Are Bad For Male Fertility And What To Do Instead

Five Foods That Are Bad For Male Fertility And What To Do Instead

Male fertility is not something that comes up very often. Most doctors put fertility problems upon the woman. But, according to studies, up to 40% of fertility problems stem directly from the man.

If you have trouble conceiving, it's definitely worth checking out the male side of the fertility equation.

Not only is it twice as easy to check for male fertility, but it can save a woman a lot of pain and self- doubt.

One of the biggest problems with male fertility is the ability of the sperm to be viable enough to survive the conditions to reach the egg. For that, you need a couple of vitamins and nutrients to make sure you have happy little swimmers. We're going to go over that a little bit later in this article. But first…

Avoid These Five Food Products To Improve Your Mail Fertility

1. Processed Meat

These get packed with nitrates, nitrites, artificial flavors, and many other chemicals known to impair cellular development. Processed meat might be cheap, easy, and convenient, but it's not going to make your swimmers get to where they want to go.

2. Trans Fats

A single sperm comprises one-half of a DNA strand, surrounded by a protein and fat matrix. But, if you're eating a lot of trans fat, that fat layer is unhealthy. Chances of your sperm being viable go way down if you eat a lot of trans fat.

3. Soy

Fermented soy is healthy; unfermented soy is not. Unfortunately, in the US, most soy products are unfermented. They contain a lot of goitrogens, which are estrogen mimics that lower your testosterone level and sperm production. In the long run, soy also increases your risk of breast and prostate cancer.

4. Dairy

Organic dairy is okay. But, if you're consuming non-organic dairy, you're getting a lot of growth hormones and estrogens. Unfortunately, these are all legal and just about every non-organic dairy product has them. This will lower your sperm count and its viability.

5. Wheat

You'll hear us talk over and over again about processed foods, most of which contain wheat. Whole wheat isn't that bad, but the processed stuff is nothing but sugar and garbage. You can't create happy little swimmers if all you consume is sugar and junk.

Here's What You Need For Happy Little Swimmers

Vitamin C

Besides being a good antioxidant necessary for the whole body, vitamin C particularly works with sperm to keep the DNA pure and undamaged. The healthier you start, the more viable your swimmers are.


The powerhouse of sperm is zinc. Men need several times the amount of zinc in their diet as a woman does because of sperm production. A man can lose up to 3 mg of zinc with each ejaculation. An excellent zinc supplement can improve the health of your sperm.

Healthy Omega Fats

Just like trans fats produce broken and damaged cellular structures, healthy omega fats build stable and robust cell walls. And some indications show a nutritional omega fat intake increases sperm quantity.

Bonus: Epimedium

Otherwise known as horny goat weed, epimedium is one of the ancient herbs used to enhance male fertility. It primarily works by increasing the blood flow to a person's extremities and contains phytoestrogens particularly helpful to sexual health.

One of the most beneficial aspects of horny goat weed is a man's ability to sustain an erection for a more extended period naturally. It enhances testosterone and blood flow, meaning that it can produce one when the body desires an erection. On the other side, it does not force the body to create the physical effects of desire, so side effects are almost non-existent.

Wrapping It Up

If you take a look at all of this, choosing a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables means you're getting lots of vitamin C, zinc, and healthy omega fatty acids. Tossing a few extra supplements in can really boost you up to the next level, and if you're looking to enhance your fertility, this is the way to go about it.