Fungal Infections – A Health Crisis Part 3: Antibiotics and Gut Health

Fungal Infections – A Health Crisis Part 3: Antibiotics and Gut Health

Trace minerals are very crucial for the mechanisms of the body to function properly. Fungi love trace minerals, B-complex, and carbohydrates and gobble them up like candy. As a result, we become mineral deficient and acidic. Trace minerals are necessary for healthy nerve function, muscle tone, energy production, growth, healing, and keeping your body in alkaline state1. Ingesting trace minerals will temporarily make the body more alkaline, however without resolving fungal infection, the fungus will grow and cause an unhealthy environment. Trace minerals bind to amino acids, making chemicals that the body utilizes in order to remain at optimal functionality. Once bound, these molecules change from an acid to an alkaline state in the bloodstream, thus making the body alkaline.  The pH scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of water soluble substances. Tap water should have a pH of 7, which is exactly neutral. If the pH balance was off by one degree, then the pipes in your house would corrode and you would be drinking contaminated water. The same concept happens within the body. Without the proper pH balance, the body starts to degrade just as the pipes in your home would.

Amino acids act as building blocks to protein and other essential chemicals of the body. Proteins are essential for growth and development by providing the body with energy. They are also needed to manufacture hormones, antibodies, enzymes and tissues. They help to maintain the proper acid-alkali balance in the body. The body needs to maintain a blood pH between 7.35 and 7.452. Any deviation i.e. change in ±0.2 pH, from this extremely tight range can have devastating effects on protein regulation, cellular volume, and the rates of enzymatic reactions.

Let’s talk about how fungus affects the body’s pH level. As mentioned earlier, the fungus eats the trace minerals in the bloodstream, which makes the body acidic. It is worth mentioning that majority of all people who have cancer are acidic. 1 At this point, in order to stay alkaline, the body produces sodium bicarbonate (i.e. baking soda). The problem with sodium bicarbonate is that the body needs sodium to produce this and believe it or not, in many cases, we are sodium deficient! This is contrary to what most doctors tell you. The reason why we are sodium deficient is because man-made table salt contains only 6 or 7 trace minerals, whereas natural sea salt contains 78 trace minerals that our body needs to function properly.

During the 1900’s, society gravitated toward sodium chloride instead of natural sea salt. By 1905, the general population started showing an epidemic of goiters. A goiter is an inflamed thyroid, which appears as a sizable lump on the neck. The thyroid was no longer getting any iodine! Table salt was eventually reformulated to include iodine, magnesium, manganese and a little bit of mercury to help separate the salt crystals. The artificial versions of these minerals are not natural, and the body has a harder time properly absorbing them.

Iodine is listed as the 17th of 78 minerals in sea salt with sixteen other essential trace minerals having higher concentrations. Because goiters were a visible manifestation, it was immediately corrected by adding iodine to table salt. Given that iodine is only the 17th mineral in sea salt, what other minerals are our bodies missing from not having the 16 other essential minerals with higher concentrations?

With this in mind, it becomes clear how a poorly functioning thyroid can be a source of numerous health problems within the body. One of the most prevalent symptoms of a malfunctioning thyroid is low body temperature, which presents as cold extremities, extreme fatigue, and lack of endurance.

This is where the spiral of ill health spins completely out of control. As I stressed earlier, in order for the body to remain alkaline, it has resorted to sodium bicarbonate and it has become depleted of absorbable sodium. Because there is not a sustainable source of sodium within the body, it has to resort to calcium bicarbonate to become alkaline. The problem with calcium bicarbonate is that it requires the body to leech calcium from the bones, causing osteoporosis, which is a paramount concern among women in our society.

Another problem with calcium bicarbonate is that it has an inherently weak chemical bond, meaning it easily falls apart in the muscles and synovial fluids, forming free- floating calcium. I believe that these free-floating radicals are the scourge of the body because they are comparable to pieces of glass. The calcium goes through muscle and nerve tissue damaging cell structures and causing mutations and grinding down joint cartilage i.e. free radical damage. This damage leads to premature aging, cancer and arthritis.

Unfortunately. free-floating calcium also binds with fat forming plaque that sticks to arterial walls. This can damage the kidneys, which play an important role in blood purification. The last-ditch effort for the body to become alkaline is to produce ammonia in the kidneys to offset the acidity. Ammonia is toxic in the body, but it will destroy the body at a much slower rate than the acidity of an unbalanced pH. That is why oftentimes a cancer ward or a hospice care facility reeks of ammonia. The smell is actually coming out of the patient's’ skin, breath and bodily fluids. It creates “the smell of death”. 

Let’s go over what we have discussed. We take antibiotics that destroy good flora in our digestive tract. The resulting fungus then eats its way through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream, causing us to crave carbohydrates and causing short term memory loss from toxic excretions. The fungus eats trace minerals which makes us incredibly acidic and in dire need to rebalance our pH. Our bodies try to offset the acidity by using sodium bicarbonate but because we are sodium deficient, our bodies resort to calcium bicarbonate instead. The calcium bicarbonate breaks apart creating free-floating calcium which damages cell structures causing arthritis, purification problems in the blood, and hardened arteries.

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