How to Stay Calm Using Zen in the Chaos For Your Life, Supplement Routine, and Exercise Habits

How to Stay Calm Using Zen in the Chaos For Your Life, Supplement Routine, and Exercise Habits

How To Find Zen In The Chaos When Everything Is Collapsing

We know it, this world seems ready to fall apart at the seams any moment. Finding that calm point, looking for stability in the chaos, is something we're all trying to do.

Many people look towards Zen meditation to help them achieve that sense of calm and peace, hoping it'll help them reduce their anxiety over what's going on. But, as many practitioners find out, it's not so much about finding calm as it is finding clarity.

Within any disaster or horrible situation, there are always a select few people who know exactly what's going on, what to do, and seem calm, cool, and collected. They become the leaders that others look to for direction and advice.

They have clarity about the situation. They recognize what is going on and the steps needed to achieve the solution they are looking for.

These people prepare early for the chaos they might endure. Think about the firefighters and EMTs and the amount of training they have to go through before doing their job. Clarity on what they face gives them peace during the disaster.

Fortunately, you can apply the Zen principle of finding clarity to your own life. Try these simple steps to discover what it is you can take control of:

  • What are the top 10 things that worry you?
  • Are any of these under your direct control?
  • If so, start working on it.
  • Is there anything about the other situations that you can take some control of?

Now, choose one of those situations and think about it. What steps could you prepare right now?

This situation could be anything from a car accident to a natural disaster to gaining a few extra pounds.

We suggest taking a look at something small, like gaining weight. It seems so small right now, but most women want to lose a few pounds. So, what can you do about it? Change your diet, have some supplements, or get more exercise?

Break this down a little bit further and choose to get more supplements in your life. This can help you not crave food as often. Figuring out what to take can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't need to be.

Most People Overthink Supplement and Their Routine

Many people are taking too many of the wrong types of supplements. Things they do need to be healthy often get forgotten. And, you may also have been struck with choosing between lower prices and better quality.

Here's the thing, most people do not need a lot of supplements. They probably do need a high quality, specifically targeted supplement. And, they may not need the same supplement all year round.

For example, you may feel slightly more lethargic and depressed in late winter, so a vitamin D supplement would help. But, early in the winter, you might need an immune supplement to fight off the cold and flu. And in the summertime, detox supplements work best.

Rotating your supplements also gives your body a chance to eliminate anything built up. This is where working with a nutritional professional can help you out. They can help put together a plan that will give you the nutrients you need without wasting any extra money.

This is the Zen of taking supplements, knowing what you need, and eliminating what you don't.

Stop Trying To Exercise, Just Do Something

Why are you trying to exercise? Is it something you "should" do? Or something that is part of a plan?

Gaining clarity, or Zen, regarding exercise means you know why you're exercising and what it will do for you. It's the choice to do something you enjoy and brings you the results you want over something you have to work at.

Zen living is also about living in the moment. Are you doing things because it's the habit to do them? Or are you aware of what the exercises are doing for you?

Choosing Zen in your exercise routine lets you feel how your muscles are working through every exercise and monitoring the results. And when you discover the exercises are not enjoyable or not giving you the results you want, change it up to meet your current needs.

Finding the Zen in the chaos can start with taking the time to establish an exercise routine.

Recognizing The Zen Of Healthy Living

Zen is about clarity, not calmness. To be calm, you need to know what is happening and how to fix any problem that may arise (or become completely unaware, which we know you're not). Choosing to get clear on your health's different aspects can give you the advantage, saving you time and money. Take a look at your routine; what can you simplify from the supplements you're taking that you don't know why? Are there exercises you're doing that don't seem to bring benefits? Clearing this out leads you to a more Zen life and a better understanding of your body needs.