Increase Your Productivity and Mindset Naturally

Increase Your Productivity and Mindset Naturally

There are a lot of nootropics out there to increase your productivity. And most of them work on the basis of providing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to help your brain. Choline, B12, and magnesium are some of the big ones.

The big downside to these productivity formulas is they also include caffeine. Once in a while, it’s fine.

They can give you clarity and increase productivity. But, if you use them on a daily basis, they can really hurt your body.

Routine caffeine usage is linked to increase blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. You don't want that, so looking for something more natural really helps.

Nitric Oxide In Your Body And Brain

So, what is nitric oxide? This tiny little molecule, NO (really, that's the chemical formula), there's a lot around the body to scavenge free radicals, produce certain effects, and increase your healing and recovery. It's one of the most useful molecules you have.

One of the primary purposes of nitric oxide in the body is to relax blood vessels and increase circulation. This vasodilation maintains blood pressure and heart health. But, it also helps your brain. Vasodilation is incredibly important to your brain and extremities. As your blood vessels open, it can get more blood to the tiny capillaries of your fingers, toes, and joints. Research into nitric oxide also shows promise for helping erectile dysfunction and sexual health.

When you’re injured, nitric oxide floods the area, helping to increase the blood flow and bring healing factors to the area. It helps you heal faster by getting the raw materials to the injury site.

You’re supposed to produce a set amount of nitric oxide on a regular basis. But, a lack of vegetables and fruit, dehydration, and a lack of exercise can depress nitric oxide production. Many people need just a little more boost. if you're experiencing brain fog, mood swings, or memory issues, increasing nitric oxide can bring more blood and nutrients to your brain. That's where a more natural supplementation comes in. Giving your brain the nutrients it needs and the tools to get those nutrients to where they belong gives you the natural boost of energy. This energy is long-lasting and has no side effects.

Other Foods & Supplements For Your Brain


Your brain runs on fats and having plenty of fats means you are able to produce the right type of hormones, abundant energy, and protect your nerves from oxidative damage. Healthy fats like the omega-3 fatty acids and even saturated fats give your body the resources it needs to build healthy hormones.

You can also give yourself a boost by providing the precursors to your hormones, DHEA (link DHEA article) and pregnenolone. These are two androgen precursors, that help your body produce estrogen and testosterone, and most other hormones. Having enough of these precursors means your body can produce the hormones that needs to be healthy, energetic, and active.

B Vitamins

B vitamins are essential for energy, and in the brain, choline and acetylcholine are neurotransmitters that help you think clearly and quickly. B vitamins flush out of your system quickly, and should be replaced almost on a daily basis. But, if you're eating plenty of healthy vegetables and fish, you're probably getting adequate amounts of B vitamins.

Many people know vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are too important energy producing vitamins. They’re included in most energy formulas because of their ability to boost you up for a little while. Just be careful that you don’t overdo it, because too many vitamins can damage the liver and kidneys.


Greens are a solution to nearly every health problem, aren't they? Green leafy vegetables are packed with so many nutrients, that they factor into a healthy diet for every kind of health problem. Green leafy vegetables provide magnesium, which your brain uses for energy, protection, and neuron building.

Going natural

A healthy diet is so vitally important to everything you do. Part of that includes drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly. As your body moves towards a healthy state, it wants to be active and nourished. A good supplement can help get you there while you’re working on being healthy.