Natural Bad Breath Cures for Dogs

Natural Bad Breath Cures for Dogs

Need a bad breath cure for your dog? We've all experienced that sensation, your beloved dog jumping up and licking your face. Whether you think that's adorable or not, we've experienced it.

But, if that dog had bad breath, that's now all over your skin. So, how can you help your pooch keep his or her breath clean and healthy?

Why Dogs Get Bad Breath

Like most humans, a lot of bad breath in dogs comes from poor oral hygiene. Talking to your vet, you can start a regiment of brushing your dog's teeth, using healthy treats to clean plaque or schedule regular dental checkups.

Making good food choices for your dog is one of the top methods to fight bad breath, as well. Cheap dog food is filled with fillers, grains, and other stuff that lowers the price and quality. While a dog system can digest starches and fibers, they can only digest some of them.

Healthy dog food tends to cost a little more but will give your beloved companion more nutrition and a healthier body. It can save you money on vet bills later on, too. Most of the time, healthier dog foods rely more on protein, fats, and quality vegetables rather than grains.

The more starches that are in your dog's food, the more likely they are to stick to your dog's teeth, breeding bacteria and foul odors.

And the healthier diet supports healthier probiotics. Just like in humans, your dog has probiotics throughout their system. These probiotics help digest food, produce vitamins, protect the immune system, and keep away nasty bugs. Good food choices will help supply new probiotics and support the ones that are already there. You can also give your pet a probiotic supplement or get them to eat fermented foods like yogurt.

Another cause you might not think about is inactivity. Younger dogs especially need constant exercise. The more you exercise with your pet, the more they're going to be healthy. Plus, they will also drink more water, which helps flush bacteria out of the mouth and helps keep their breath fresh.

And you should always check for illness. Foul odors on the breath are signs of many diseases and can be one of the first signs you detect.

Natural Bad Breath Cures for Dogs

So, when you start looking at the natural lousy breath cures for dogs, work with your vet. They can help provide a lot of direction to make sure your pet is healthy and safe.

Get checked out

As you start trying the home cures, make sure your pet is checked out. Eliminate disease as a cause of bad breath.

Change of diet

Switch over to a better-quality food that has lower grains and higher protein and fats. Your pet will have more energy, healthier skin, a shiny or coat, and chances are, better breath.


Start providing foods and supplements to your pets that contain probiotics. Your pets do not need nearly as much as you do, so a spoonful of yogurt or a small dog-friendly probiotic supplement can get you started quickly.

More exercise

If you go for a regular walk, try twice a day. The more exercise your dog has, the healthier they will be. This is especially true for medium to larger-sized dogs that tend not to extend their bodies or break into a run as often as little dogs. Their inactivity could lead to more weight, which leads to other health problems.

Brush their teeth

Your vet should have an ample supply of toothpaste and special finger brushes for dogs. It can take a little bit to get your pets accustomed to brushing their teeth, but it can help their breath and their overall health with the right type of encouragement and treats.

Chew toys

Most dogs like to chew things, and there are special chew toys designed to help brush your dog's teeth as they play. Many of these are in pet stores and online. Some even come with places to put treats in, so it is both a stimulating and rewarding activity for your dog.

Digestive aids for dogs

Lots of supplements exist to help your dog. Digestive enzymes, acid tablets, probiotics, and other digestive aids can help reduce your dog's bad breath and other digestive problems. Be sure to discuss which supplements would be appropriate with your vet, especially if you're dealing with smaller dogs.


You don't have to suffer from your dog's bad breath. Taking action on some bad breath cures for dogs can really give you control over your pet's health and well-being. Be sure to work with your vet to ensure your dog is healthy and seek out the best option.