Reduce Your Joint Pain Naturally

Reduce Your Joint Pain Naturally

Of all the ways to reduce your joint pain, choosing a more natural approach can give you peace of mind that you're not poisoning your body to find relief. The cause and the treatments of your pain link together, knowing that solving one problem can solve many others.

Why Are Your Joints Inflamed?

First, you have to know why your joints are inflamed. What is the underlying cause? There's no point in taking aspirin to fix joint pain caused by poor nutrition or toxicity. Similarly, a detox is not going to give you relief from pain caused by an injury. We need to match the natural cure to the cause.


Usually, you know it – a bang, a twist... Maybe it's something that has been brewing for a while, like an overuse injury or something as simple as sitting the wrong way for too long. One of our women here tended to sit on her left ankle, and after a few months, she discovered her knee was starting to ache.

The cure for that was sitting correctly and she felt better in a few days.


A lot of arthritis is caused by toxicity, which we're going to talk about shortly. Doctors tend to prescribe things like chondroitin and glucosamine to give relief and potentially rebuild the cartilage.

Foods Causing Inflammation

Things like dairy, gluten, and processed junk start inflammation in your gut and then it spreads out. If your knees are already sore, inflammation can make things worse. This solution is easy: stop eating foods that inflame your body (more on that in a bit).


Yes, not consuming enough water can cause your knees and joints to become inflamed. The lack of water makes the cartilage shrivel up, and to counter the lack of cushioning, your body inflamed the tissue. Many people find relief by drinking more water.


Artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, and all the other preservatives don't just disappear after you eat them. Your liver and kidneys work very hard to filter out these toxins. But if you eat too much or the system gets clogged up, those toxins can linger, and they can get stuck in your joints, causing pain and inflammation.


First, your body has fungus and that's a good thing. It helps you digest your food and protects us from some harmful bacteria and viruses, like MRSA and the corona series of viruses. But, if the fungus starts to go out of control or starts traveling through to your blood, your nasal cavities, or your joints and muscles, it can cause a lot of damage and pain.

Natural Cures For Painful Joints

We've already mentioned some of the cures for some of the problems. Things like sitting properly, drinking more water, and avoiding foods that cause inflammation is huge.


The primary foods in the diet that cause inflammation are dairy, gluten, and processed foods. By eliminating these, you can reduce your inflammation. And, you could add in foods like turmeric and ginger to help your body naturally fight inflammation. The great part is, this type of diet will help you lose weight, which can also reduce strain on your joints.


Keeping your joints moving is another critical factor. Good exercise reduces pain and inflammation. And if it's your knees bothering you, walking is one of the best activities you can do.


Dehydration causes a lot of problems, including pain in your joints. Stick more with water and tea and avoid chemically processed drinks like energy drinks, sports drinks, and sodas.


Other than the big three: diet, exercise, and water - supplements offer you a way to get more healing nutrients into your body so it can work naturally.

Adding in a few supplements can help your body work better and keep your joints healthy. We mentioned glucosamine and chondroitin earlier because the doctors most favor them. Other popular supplements include collagen, MSM, and various oils. Massage therapists like grapeseed oils because it's easily absorbed through the skin and provide lots of healthy fatty acids. Chamomile is well known for relaxing muscles and tissues and can really help calm you down.

And then there's one of our favorites: Argan Oil. This is a more unusual oil rich in phenols, carotenes, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E. In your skin, these absorb quickly and help enrich your body with the essential fatty acids needed to build your cartilage and keep it well lubricated.

Joint pain is not fun and looking to reduce joint pain means more than taking an aspirin. It's a holistic approach that feeds your body the right types of food to avoid inflammation, eliminates practices that hurt your joints and adding in little bit extras that give your body a boost. You can get started by drinking more water and eating healthier foods right away.