The #2.5 Cause Of All Disease

The #2.5 Cause Of All Disease

The #2.5 cause of disease? What kind of counting system is that?

We get it; it's a little odd – but this is so ignored and underappreciated…

When even doctors don't want to discuss how body temperature affects how the human body works, things get a little bit more complicated.

Temperature affects everything in the body, and your body temperature dictates your hormones. When we get sick, our temperature increases because it makes the body inhospitable to viruses and bacteria. Even a one-degree rise in body temperature can change your body landscape significantly.

So, why does no one talk about what happens when the temperature goes too low?

It's almost like… they don't know.

Normal human body temperature is about 98.6°. Our hormones and enzymes work at this precise temperature. It's the ideal temperature for the chemical reactions that fuel our body happen, which usually occur within milliseconds and even faster. It's faster than you can blink.

These hormones and enzymes dictate digestion, elimination, our mental functions, and metabolism - everything. They run everything in our bodies.

But, some of these hormones and the enzymes deactivate when our body temperature goes below 98.2°. And if it goes below 97.9°, most enzymes start to deactivate.

And that can leave you tired, sick, and susceptible to disease.

What Causes your temperature To Go Off Kilter

If you go too hot, chances are it's because you're sick. A bacteria or virus has gotten into your system and has a party where your immune system is the police.

But it's a whole different thing when your body temperature goes too low. Most people doctors won't even look at this because they don't know.

The leading cause of your body temperature going too low is stress, and that comes from multiple places: your lifestyle, diet, toxic build-up within your system, and fungus.

If you had issues with your thyroid, adrenals, or depression, chances are you have low body temperature. And chances are, you have a build-up of toxins and fungus going on somewhere in your body.

I'm sure you've seen people who look young for their age, but I'm sure you also hear them talk about being cold all the time. I'm sure you've also seen people who look old for their age and are quite hot- blooded. It comes down to body temperature.

Let's take a look at this a little bit further

Stress Is The Main Killer

Most people are stressed out. Between work, traffic, money issues, societal pressures, and a whole host of other things, something happened to push your body into a state of fight or flight.

Way back when, the fight or flight response kept us alive and healthy. It recognized danger and changed the body so that we can best survive the stress. Think of it like a saber-tooth tiger chasing you down - your body released abundant amounts of the hormone cortisol and that cortisol lowers your body temperature, stops your digestion, and makes sure the core of your body will survive. It raises your heart rate and blood pressure and feeds more energy to your muscles.

But it also does one other interesting little thing: by lowering your body temperature, it lets you live off your fat a little bit longer and store the fat you eat better. Cortisol is the ultimate weight gain hormone, making sure you get fat and stay fat.

Way back when once the saber tooth tiger stopped chasing you, you were able to relax. Today, we have to go back to work, into traffic, and live through the abundant stress. It just doesn't leave us alone.

This leaves your adrenal system and your thyroid overworked and weak from the toxic build-up and fungus. You may go to the doctor for thyroid medication but find it doesn't work. That's because it doesn't address the real cause of what's going on.

How To Raise Your Temperature and Get Things Started Again

You need to get warm but from the inside out.

Since your body sees no difference between mental and physical stress, you have to address both things at the same time. You have to learn to let your body relax and let your mind relax. And it can't just be for a short meditation or a weekend getaway – it has to be a constant state.

Mentally, the practice of meditation, particularly Zen, is quite beneficial and is scientifically proven to have good results. Certain supplements help your body start to relax and take care of the hormone cortisol on its own.

We're not talking about miracles or fads, we're talking about getting the baseline nutrients your body needs the most. One of the most overlooked nutrients is sulfur. Supplements like MSM can give your body the sulfur to make proteins, hormones, and encourage proper energy production within the cells.

You can get this with a good healthy diet and proper exercise. We can't emphasize a proper diet and exercise enough. Vegetables help stimulate your digestion, especially root vegetables. And exercise raises your core body temperature to help get things moving again.

Giving your body what it needs lets you fight off disease and gives you the energy you're looking for.