Why Detox Is An Important Step To An Illness Preventative Lifestyle

Why Detox Is An Important Step To An Illness Preventative Lifestyle

Thinking about a detox? It could be an essential step in helping to prevent many lifestyle diseases, and even if you have a chronic condition, it could help ease your symptoms and help your body repair itself. I have some good information in my video linked at the bottom of this blog!

What is a Detox?

It really isn't this mysterious event you go through, exclusive to the richest clubs and most elite diet plans. Your body does regular detoxification on a daily basis, but if you want to take it to the next level, you should think about it a little more strategically.

When is the last time you cleansed out your body?

Your body has lots of natural systems that normally get rid of wastes, toxins, extra fluid, and all sorts of other unsavory things. Your liver is a primary detox organ, as are the kidney, spleen, mucus membranes, and your skin.

But, if you overload your body, it takes a lot more time to clear out wastes. And when things take more time, it gets backed up and built up in your system. Think fatty liver, gallbladder pain, constipation, eczema, and dry skin.

In today's world, it's easy to overwhelm your body with different toxins and wastes. They're in the air, the water, your food… everywhere.

When these wastes and toxins start building up, start accumulating in your system, that's when your health starts to fail. Your gut gets clogged up, your muscles get sore, your blood pressure goes up…

Once various systems within your body start to fail, they're harder to fix. And once you have to fix a problem, detoxification becomes even more challenging.

Not impossible, just harder.

It's better to get a jump on giving your body a detox earlier rather than later.

The primary detoxification a person should do is cleaning out your digestive tract, gallbladder, and lymphatic system. These are the systems that get blocked up the most and the fastest. If you can keep them clean, the rest of your body can stay clean.

What A Good Detox Can Fix

A detox is not going to cure you of illnesses. It will help and doing a detox correctly and repeatedly keep moving you closer and closer to the optimum healthy state.

A good detox can help get rid of:

  • Carb Cravings
  • Moodiness
  • LowSex Drive
  • Memory Issues
  • Anxiousness
  • Fat Intolerances
  • Bloating/fullness and many others…

A lot of people think these are normal, that as we get older, our bodies just naturally start to break down, and we feel more of these issues. But it's not true. If you keep your body cleared out and eat right, get good supplements, and exercise, these types of things never have to happen.

Many digestive issues, such as fat intolerance, bloating, carb cravings, come from your digestive system being gunked up. It's the little things that happen over time, and indulgence here and there leaves a little bit behind in your intestine or the food choices that threw off the probiotic balance.

And as scientists start learning more and more about the gut and how probiotics help our whole body, we find out that a good balance of probiotics can help reduce anxiety, depression, moodiness, and even help improve your immune system. A good detox will help flush out your system and rebalance those probiotics. And when you supplement with a good probiotic during that time, you introduce a whole host of good guys to help fight the bad ones.

Most people feel lighter and more at peace after doing a digestive detox.

Once you get a little deeper, you can start to work on clearing out your lymphatic system. This is the main channel of waste distribution and how your immune system really speeds around your body. But, if you're not moving around enough and your body's not clear enough, this system gets thick, sluggish, and your immune system just doesn't work as well anymore.

A lymphatic detox can help clear things out. Many people feel muscle tension, stiffness, inflammation, and soreness disappear from their joints and muscles once clearing out the lymphatic system.


If you do something about cleaning your body's systems, all these symptoms go away. So, it's our suggestion you look at detox and supporting your body. It's going to help you digest food better, improve your immune system, and help you feel better overall. Just be sure you do with the right way with proper guidance. Otherwise, you're not going to get the results you're looking for.