Why Detox Is An Important Step To Preventing Illnesses

Why Detox Is An Important Step To Preventing Illnesses

A good detox can help you feel better, have more energy, and get you started on the path to health. It's essential in preventing illnesses and can even help your immune system work a little bit better.

When you do it right, it’s a huge benefit to your health. Let's talk a little bit more about this.

Why Do A Detox Cleanse?

The primary goal of a good detox is to help clear out excess: fat, vitamins, toxins, or any kind of build-up you might have in your body – good and bad. Some of these are natural, being the natural products of metabolism. Some of them are artificial, like preservatives, chemicals, and pollution.

And we do have natural detoxification systems within our body, things that are working all the time. But if you're not careful, you can overwhelm these natural systems. You know what it's like when you get overwhelmed with work or the kids or other stuff and you just start falling apart.

So, getting rid of the excess out of your system just makes things work a little bit better, it takes some of the pressure off your plate.

It can also help you to lose weight. As you reset your body's detoxification system, it now takes care of stuff it tried to sweep into the corners. These corners are your fat cells. What your body will do will take these toxins and wrap these long chains of triglycerides around them and then shove them into your fat cells to keep them out of their way.

Now, after a detox, your body can deal with these leftover toxins and get rid of them. And in doing so, it's going to get rid of the extra triglycerides, which will help make you lose weight and be healthier.

But, there's a significant part most people miss. If you start doing these detoxes routinely, it's going to make life easier later on. It's a lot easier for your body to get rid of little piles of waste and toxins than it is to get rid of a big pile.

And it's these big piles that end up causing a lot of our illnesses. Things like heart disease, cancer, and even dementia can be the result of having too many toxins build up. Clearing them out before they get built up can help with prevention. 

Symptoms You Need A Detox

Many of the symptoms of you needing a detox get attributed to people getting older or consequences of living a hard life. I'm amazed at how many people we take through these detoxes, how many people come through our clinic, and how their lives become so much better after just one detox.

Now, just because you have one of these symptoms doesn't mean that a detox is the only thing that this could possibly be. A detox is an excellent place to start, but you want to keep in mind that there could be other health problems, so you want to make sure you stay in touch with your doctor to rule out anything more severe.

  • Cravings – carbs, salts, processed foods
  • Low Sex drive
  • Memory Issues
  • Mood Swings
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Difficulty Digesting Fatty Foods
  • Bloating, especially in women
  • Depression
  • Hiccups
  • Inappropriate Anger
  • Feeling As Though There's A Lump In The Throat
  • Pain Or Discomfort In The Abdomen
  • Irregular Or Painful Periods
  • Lack Of Appetite
  • PMS With Irritability And Tender Breasts

Types of Detox

There are hundreds of different types of detoxes on the market, some work and some are just a little odd. There are really three used most often:




I think one of the best places to start would be clearing out your digestive system.

When you clear out your digestive system, you remove literal waste. Excess fecal matter that has built up in your colon starts to get flushed out. Your probiotics in your gut that help produce vitamins, break down your food, and help protect against invading bacteria and viruses get refreshed.

And remember, 70% of your immune system is in your gut. If you're clearing out waste, toxins, and debris, the immune system can fight real invaders, not just leftovers from your diet.

And there's one of the things that really help. There's a mucus layer that protects the inside of your body from the outside world. When you detox, your body sheds off this top layer of mucus, which means you get rid of all the dirt, debris, and toxins built up in it (not to mention viruses and bacteria that make you sick). That nasty stuff gets expelled, so your immune system and kidneys, and then your liver and gallbladder don't even have to deal with it.

When you go through a detox, what you see coming out of you is not pretty, but remember, it's better out than in. It's one of the main pathways to help you be healthy and to maintain your health in the long run.