Discover Your Heart’s True Age…If You Dare

Discover Your Heart’s True Age…If You Dare

To live a healthy life, you need to have a healthy heart.Your heart is an engine that pumps vital oxygen to your muscles and brain all day long. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a simple ca​lculator that allows you to calculate your heart’s age…but do you dare?

According to the CDC, over 40 percent of Americans (69million people) have hearts that are five or more years older than their true age!

The calculator measures heart age by using an individual’s sex, age, blood pressure, body mass index, smoking status, and history of hyper tension and diabetes. According to CDC Director Tom Frieden, “For everyAmerican, learning heart age can be a clear call to take charge of your health.”

An analysis using the heart calculator found that minorities tend to have the highest heart ages. On average, African Americans had a heart age 11 years older than their true age, while Hispanic men had hearts eight years older. The hearts of white men clocked in at over seven years older than their true age, while white women had the healthiest hearts, typically just 4.5years older than their true age.

If you want to help your heart stay young, try to be more active in your daily life and less eat processed foods. Also, consider using Cardiotrol, a high-potency supplement designed to support overall