Have You Hit An Exercise Plateau?

Have You Hit An Exercise Plateau?

No matter who you are or what sport you play, there will come a day when you will find yourself mired in a dreadful, soul-sucking plateau. When you first start a new sport, the first weeks are chaotic. Muscles you didn’t even know you had will ache after each practice. However, after a few weeks the movements and demands of the sport will begin to feel more comfortable.

This is that magical, beautiful period where the gains come hard and fast. You’ll get stronger. You’ll get faster. Your aim, power, and grace will improve. And then… almost inevitably, the improvements will slow down. You won’t be taking 30 seconds off your mile time in a month. You might take off five seconds over six months.

There may even be a day when you start to backtrack. At this point, you’ve picked all the low hanging fruit and you are solidly in a plateau. If you want to break through, you will need to find start reaching for the higher, more difficult fruit. This is the time to commit to a healthier diet, to take some yoga classes to become more limber, and to focus on more specialized skills within your sport.

This is also the time to look into supplements to give your body the energy and the nutrients it needs so you can push yourself in practice. There are tons of supplements on the market, and it can be confusing to determine which are the best. Take a look at our line of energy supplements that are made to help you increase your power, strength, and stamina so you can shatter your fitness plateau and continue making gains as an athlete.

​Some of the products that help support energy, l-Arginine, Nitric Oxide, Acetyl L-Carnitine, PABA, Citrilline.