Support Respiratory Health

Support Respiratory Health

Healthy lung function is key for breathing easier. Sometimes it can be a challenge to have healthy breathing, especially with allergens, smog, dander, and other impurities floating around our air supply. This is especially true for people experiencing compromised lung function who may need additional support for a healthy respiratory system.

 Super Good Stuff Lung Formula is an airway supplement that is formulated to support healthy lung function and easier breathing.* Three key ingredients of Lung Formula have been shown to promote respiratory health and support healthy breathing:*


Flaxseed. This amino acid is known for its soothing, lubricating properties.* Rich in plant-derived omega-3 fatty acids and L-Glutamic Acid, flaxseed also promotes healthy skin.*

Coenzyme Q10. The antioxidant CoQ10 supports immune function, helps eliminate free radicals,*  and also increases cellular energy production and normal circulation and tissue oxygenation.* It has been suggested by researchers that adequate intake of quality antioxidants can help support healthy respiratory and lung function.*

Pine Bark Extract. As an antioxidant, pine bark extract helps promote a healthy lung function.* Additionally, a double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted at the University of Arizona found that pine bark extract was found to improve breathing.*


Special process for increased absorption

The flaxseed and pine bark extract found in Lung Formula are obtained through a complex process that results in a pure fraction with higher biological activity. This unique extraction process allows Lung Boost to be better absorbed in the body than other products.*

Add MSM to support cleansing of the respiratory system

Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM, is know for helping to improve the absorption of nutrients at the cellular level. As the main form of bioavailable sulfur in the body, MSM is stored in every cell and helps promote joint mobility and flexibility, and has been shown to promote cell oxygenation health, free radical scavenging, and helps maintain the health of hair, skin, and nails. A combination of MSM and Lung Formula may help support the natural cleansing process of the respiratory system for proper function.* 

Ask your healthcare practitioner about supporting your respiratory system with Lung Formula and MSM.