Support Respiratory Health
Healthy lung function is key for breathing easier. Sometimes it can be a challenge to have healthy breathing, especially with allergens, smog, dander, and other impurities floating around our air supply. This is especially true for people experiencing compromised lung function who may need additional support for a healthy respiratory system.
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New Study Links Vitamin D Deficiency with Pandemic Mortality
A new study links vitamin D levels with the coronavirus pandemic and mortality rates. In the study of data from 20 European countries, it was discovered that low average levels of vitamin D correlated with high numbers of cases and death rates. While crude, this relationship is a significant demonstration of the protective factors provided by vitamin D.
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How To Give Your Immune System The Support It Needs
These days, it is vital that we take the best possible care of our health and wellbeing. This includes protecting our immune system from colds, flu, and other infections that can spell trouble.The powerful yet gentle ozonated ingredients in Paramune Plus help the body combat and eliminate anaerobic organisms for microbial balance, as well as support immune system health and whole-body wellness.
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Low Body Temperature Issues
If you are noticing continued occurrences with your body whether, be it a cold, flu, or urinary tract infection, its temperature is a telltale sign that further investigation is needed. While the average body temperature can fluctuate among individuals, there are indications that normal body temperatures are cooling.
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