The Oh So Many Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

The Oh So Many Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

You may be familiar with ozone as that layer of gas covering the Earth and protecting our atmosphere. It is that same colorless gas that can be used to therapeutically deliver many

benefits to your body via ozone therapy. Medical-grade ozone, which is a highly reactive form of pure oxygen, can help the body regenerate via the ability of ozone to stimulate the body to remove blockages that keep the body from healing itself.

Ozone therapy has been used in Europe for more than 50 years, as well as in the United States, to address various health conditions. Ozone, when it enters the body, helps the mitochondria in cells that generate power to make more of it, which can help improve a multitude of body systems such as:

Brain function—Your blood-brain barrier allows things like lipoperoxides, which are free radicals created by ozone (that actually benefit the body) to cross from the bloodstream to your brain and help energize its mitochondria. This is why ozone therapy is often used to help recover brain function for those who have experienced a stroke.

Healing of wounds—Because ozone speeds things up (and helps the body to release growth factors), it is good to use for wounds that are slow or resistant to healing.

Regenerate—The same growth factors mentioned above can also help stimulate the regeneration of damaged joints and degenerative discs.

Reducing inflammation—In low levels, ozone actually puts stress on cells and helps them to strengthen by producing the antioxidants glutathione and superoxide dismutase. Anti-inflammatory proteins are also activated with ozone therapy.

Pain reduction—Chronic pain may be reduced or eliminated with ozone therapy because it acts on the body’s pain receptors.

Anti Effects—Ozone helps to remove many things, such as toxic mold and mycotoxins, bacteria, parasites, and microbes. It is used to sterilize water, and to help people recover from exposure to toxic black mold.

Smile benefits—Because ozone offers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, it is great for the health of teeth and gums.

How is ozone therapy given?

There are many types of ozone therapy, but breathing it in is not one of them (ozone is a main component of smog). Instead, ozone can be provided to the body in one or more ways. These are two of the most often used types:

Water or oil— Water or oil are the simplest ways to deliver ozone—add ozone to water or oil and swallow it. Because this method delivers ozone to the stomach, it can be great for clearing

out bad bugs. Swishing ozonated water around your mouth can also help improve oral hygiene. Add ozonated water or oil to the skin to support skin infections and wounds.

Injection—This method can deliver ozone anywhere in the body, allowing it to be targeted to local areas near the injection site, such as certain organs or joints. Ozone can also be delivered via the blood (your blood is infused with ozone and then recirculated back into your body), as well as via the rectum, which delivers ozone to the liver and can help with detox as well as elimination of parasites and gut bacteria.

Regardless of the type of ozone therapy, it is a good idea to consult your healthcare practitioner before trying it. Many practitioners can perform ozone therapy, and in some cases it can be self-delivered.