Treat Your Tummy with These Top 3 Natural Digestive Supplements

Treat Your Tummy with These Top 3 Natural Digestive Supplements

Your stomach works hard to digest food and deliver nutrients to your body. Sometimes, however, the natural process of digestion can be thrown off by a change in diet, added stress, or a new medication, leading to tummy troubles such as sluggish digestion, heartburn, upset stomach, or diarrhea. Before you reach for the pink stuff or something stronger to address the issue, consider one of these three top digestive supplements to benefit your belly and get it back into balance.

Garden Thyme

More than something you find in a spice rack, garden thyme is a purifying herb known to help soothe occasional stomach distress, calm the intestines, and help balance saliva to aid with digestion. Adding this great-tasting herb to meals is one way to support digestion, or in larger supplemental amounts to help with bloating, burping, and excess gas. Garden thyme also helps to relieve digestive spasms that can lead to diarrhea or an irritated intestinal tract and has even been used medicinally to remove intestinal parasites.


This plant from the mint family is great for fresh breath, and even greater for your digestion. Used to help relieve symptoms of indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and gas, spearmint features a compound that helps stop muscle contractions in the digestive tract, which may explain how it helps relieve digestive upset. Spearmint is particularly good for flatulence and has also been used to soothe irritable bowel and gall bladder issues.

Barley grass

Chock-full of enzymes—especially superoxide dismutase, which is a powerful and protective antioxidant—this grass has long been used for digestive issues. As barley is abundant with insoluble fiber, it is ideal for adding bulk that can aid with intestinal movement and reduce constipation. It may also help balance out stomach acid and relieve heartburn.

Ask your healthcare practitioner for more information about these top natural digestive supplements and if they are right for your tummy!